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Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repairs

Hi please take a few moments to read through our site, you will find that we take great pride in our company and also your roofs

My name is James the owner of Roller Roofing and i've been repairing and installing gutters in Manchester for 20 years I’ve been repairing gutters all over the UK to be quite honest. And through my experience a simple repair is all that is needed to direct the rain water to the drains. The company is based right in the city centre of Manchester giving us great position to offer a rapid service repairing gutters in Stockport, repairing and replacing gutter in Oldham, Bolton this list of area’s is almost endless, I have many gutter repair vans working the UK on a daily basis with highly skilled craftsmen that I have personally trained for 5 years+ before giving them the chance to run their own gutter repair two man team.

Our teams are the friendliest and most down to earth people you could meet, but most of all they are very trustworthy. They are more than staff they are close friends that I’ve had for many years.

For all residential property owners we can give you a gutter repair quote in 24hrs within a 20mile radius from Manchester city centre

I am now sure that we are Manchester's leading gutter repair service and have built up a fantastic commercial and industrial relationship with many property management teams in Manchester, Stockport, Oldham and Bolton

Gutter repair Oldham

We fix and install gutters in Oldham every day. Oldham is my own town where I live (Shaw) and here is where we started out in business, we maintain many industrial properties in Shaw, Oldham the company that’s known as the famous www.jacamo.com (J.D. Williams)

Wooden gutter Stockport

Here is a photo of a wooden gutter system we fitted in Stockport on the 15th of Jan 2012


Wooden guttering Manchester

We put a lot of work into our wooden gutter before we install them

First of all we need to get this timber from our local timber supplier then we have to send it off to get pressure treated with a tanalized wood preserver. The wooden gutter will get dried out then will be placed in a vacuum controlled pressure plant so that the wooden gutter can absorb the wood preserver.

The tanalized is very hard to remove once it has been treated as it gets a key hold to the wooden gutter. This preserver protects your gutter from parasites and also decays

Next stage is to install the wooden gutter.

We lead all of our wooden gutter joints to ensure it is extremely water tight. But before we lead the joints we insert a mastic seal giving the joint that little flexibility.

We pay £15.50 per meter for the gutter and after all the work that will go into this we only charge £40 per meter to install. this price covers all stop ends and running out lets. At a bargain if you don’t mind me saying so! These wooden gutters are installed professionally.

Gutter repair Manchester

If your gutter is beyond repair we have many solutions we can use to renew at a low cost. They are many products that can be used to reline your gutter giving it a 20 year guarantee. One of the gutters we use for relining an industrial property in Manchester was a seamless system.


This gutter reline in Manchester was completed in just under 5 days relining over 300metres this gutter reline comes with a 20 year guarantee

I hope this info is at some use to you all

Kind regards